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Squat Rainwater Tanks

Squat water tanks are ideal for the home as they are low in height which means that they can be placed in more areas without obstructing any views from windows for example. Squat water tanks are a variation of a rainwater tank; they are used for collecting and storing rainwater to be used as part of the water system of a home. Squat water tanks can provide water for outside taps, topping up a pool or even inside the home use such as showers, toilets, dishwashers etc. saving on the overall water consumption of a home. In NSW there are Basix requirements for your home and installing a squat water tank can ensure that you are complying with these regulations. Squat water tanks can be placed outside or due to their low height they can also be stored under the home or even under a decking area, making them a popular choice for those that don't have great deals of space. If you're not sure if a squat water tank is right for your home then contact our team who will be able to discuss your needs with you to ensure we find the right rainwater tank for you. 

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